About us

UkrGeo Public Union

since 2013 unites leading industry experts and companies that meet the needs of Ukrainian society in qualitative geospatial data and technologies

The goal of UkrGeo is

association of leading industry experts and organizations to promote the formation and implementation of public policy and management in the areas of:

Topographic, geodetic and topographic activities
National Spatial Data Infrastructure
Land management, urban planning and state cadasters

Priority tasks of UkrGeo

  • to promote the joint development of the members of the Union and to protect their interests
  • to ensure the provision of quality services by the members of the Union to their clients
  • to assist in the creation of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) in Ukraine
  • to improve sectoral regulatory and technical regulation
  • to create a competitive market for high quality services
  • to form the brand of Ukraine as an industry leader in the region of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia
  • to create opportunities for Ukrainian specialists to provide services abroad
  • to provide priority for Ukrainian specialists over foreign ones in providing services to Ukrainian clients


combine more than 100 leading specialists in the following fields:

aerial surveying and satellite imagery
photogrammetry and cartography
topography and geodesy
geoinformation support
land management and urban planning
geology and geophysics

Conditions of entry

In order to join the Union, it is necessary to submit an application / questionnaire of the established form to the address: st. Volynska, 67, Kyiv 0315 , or by e-mail: info@ukrgeo.ua

  • for legal entities

download the application form and questionnaire

download a sample application form and questionnaire

  • for individuals

download the application form and questionnaire

download a sample application form and questionnaire

The following must be attached to the application and questionnaire:

  • copy of the Extract from the State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs (for legal entities)
  • legal entity logo / individual photo in JPEG (PNG) or TIFF format.